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I first began my personal yoga practice at the age of 13 as an organic way to manage anxiety. Upon reconnecting with the practice years later, I found a community with which to share my practice, and immediately fell in love with the collective energy found in a room full of like-minded people, which lead me to naturally gravitate towards the 200-Hour Pranotthan Yoga Teacher Training held at All That Matters in South Kingstown RI, and graduated in April 2016.


My classes bring you back to the heart of yoga. Most of my classes have a Vinyasa-style base, encouraging movement that feels inspired by each student’s inner voice. I like to offer a safe and welcoming environment in which students of all levels can feel comfortable exploring their edge and moving through their practice with love and self-acceptance.


Let your yoga be a personal experience.  Practice non-judgment upon yourself and give yourself permission to be human with your practice.  It's about giving the spirit a form of expression and connecting to your highest self.  Whether you spend your entire class lying on the floor or moving freely from the direction of your teacher, do not judge what comes up.  Ask yourself what brought you here and move from within that space.